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With Checkmk 1.6.0p20 (Werk #11694) we changed the handling of the azure access key. From now the special agents receives the key directly via stdin.

If you want to execute the special agent from the command line, please run the following command

echo '{"access_key_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "secret_access_key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"}' | ~/share/check_mk/agents/special/agent_aws '--regions' 'eu-central-1' '--services' 'cloudwatch_alarms' 'dynamodb' 'ebs' 'ec2' 'elb' 'elbv2' 'glacier' 'rds' 's3' 'wafv2' '--ec2-limits' '--ebs-limits' '--s3-limits' '--glacier-limits' '--elb-limits' '--elbv2-limits' '--rds-limits' '--cloudwatch_alarms-limits' '--dynamodb-limits' '--wafv2-limits' '--cloudwatch-alarms' '--wafv2-cloudfront' '--hostname' 'aws' --debug --v

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