With Werk #6679 we introduced the new BI special agent. The special agents receives the key directly via stdin.


If you want to execute the special agent from the command line, please run the following command.

Step-by-step guide

  1. If you use special agents installed from a Feature Pack, you can find the special agents in:

    OMD[mysite]:~$ ~/local/share/check_mk/agents/special/
  2. The special agents which are already shipped with Checkmk can be found here:

    OMD[mysite]:~$ ~/share/check_mk/agents/special/
  3. How to execute the special agent manually?

    OMD[mysite]:~$ cmk -D bi |head -n15
    Addresses:              No IP
    Tags:                   [address_family:no-ip], [agent:cmk-agent], [checkmk-agent:checkmk-agent], [criticality:prod], [networking:lan], [piggyback:auto-piggyback], [site:bi], [snmp_ds:no-snmp], [tcp:tcp]
    Labels:                 [cmk/site:mysite]
    Host groups:            check_mk
    Contact groups:         all
    Agent mode:             Normal Checkmk agent, or special agent if configured
    Type of agent:          
      Program: /omd/sites/mysite/share/check_mk/agents/special/agent_bi 
      Program stdin:
    [{'site': 'local', 'credentials': 'automation', 'filter': {'groups': ['Hosts']}, 'assignments': {'querying_host': 'querying_host'}}]
      Process piggyback data from /omd/sites/bi/tmp/check_mk/piggyback/bi
      checktype                 item                                 params                                             description                               groups

    With this command, you will get the special agent call. Now you can continue the debugging.

  4. Execute the command

    echo "[{'site': 'local', 'credentials': 'automation', 'filter': {'groups': ['Hosts']}, 'assignments': {'querying_host': 'querying_host'}}]" | /omd/sites/mysite/share/check_mk/agents/special/agent_bi