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Activate Changes or more specifically a CMC reload take a very long time.


Debug long running activate changes on a single site

With these commands you will check the /var/check_mk/web and /local directory. 

OMD[mysite]:~$ find ~/var/check_mk/web -follow -type f | wc -l
OMD[mysite]:~$find ~/local -follow -type f | wc -l

If, for example ~/var/check_mk/web has five-figure files, this can be problematic.

A big ~/local directory could also cause a problem, as Checkmk is creating a .tar file everytime we activate changes

Debug long running activate changes in distributed setup

OMD[mysite]:~$find ~/local -follow -type f | wc -l

Advanced debugging

If the above suggestions do not point you to the solution, you can use the profiling mechanism to profile Activate changes.

BTW: Every checkmk command can be profiled. The whole syntax of the profile command is described here: Checkmk profiling#Profilingviacli

Let's run the following command to create a profile file of cmk -O. cmk -O  is doing a configuration reload, which is part of a typical activation process.

OMD[mysite]:~$ cmk -O --profile --debug -vv &>activation_debug.log

Now three files will be created:

  • profile.out
  • activation_debug.log

If you want to debug and the profile files alone, please follow the manual Checkmk profiling#GUIProfiling otherwise please open a support case and include these three files.

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