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Initial user setup

  1. When a customer purchases a subscription, a super user for this customer is automatically created
  2. The super user gets an invitation email to sign in to our customer portal
  3. The super user should click on the the url under "You can set or change your password via the following url'

  4. The super user can now set a password to login

  5. After logging in the super user can see the following view (for more see How to navigate through the customer portal)

Creating additional users   

  1. The super user can create further users by clicking on the menu point Users
  2. Click on the button "Add User" 
  3. Enter the personal information of the new user
  4. Define the role of the new user. The user can be either an admin and a user (see User management in the customer portal)
  5. Decide on the access rights the newly created user should get
  6. Click on "Create"

  7. These additional users will also get an invitation email to the customer portal. The steps 2-5 as for the super user apply here as well
  8. If you face problems with accessing the customer portal, please see Not able to login to the customer portal

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