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Targets of the new functionality
  • Process automatization of renewals
  • Decrease numbers of questions to detection of service numbers
  • Easier overview of different sides and/or division by different sides
  • Determination of valid numbers without mistakes in calculation
Which data is evaluated?

The number of used services will be randomly recorded for 400 days in a row, but depending on time of day, the current day might not be included.

Where can I find this numbers in Checkmk?

Choose: Set-Up --> Maintenance License Set-Up --> Select/enter following dates

    • start date of this current subscription period,
    • end date of the current subscription period,
    • subscription size (in services)

How are the results presented?
  • The blue line in the coordinate system shows the accumulated numbers for all sides

  • in table below (under "last samples") the sides are shown separately --> have to be added up for a complete overview

What do the different colored columns show?

yellow column = first months above paid subscription size

green column = last whole invoiced month

purple column = month with the greatest exceed in service numbers

Which information is shared with Checkmk and how?
  • The shared information is in raw data
  • The information is only shared with Checkmk, when you either submit the report via the customer portal or you use "Download report" and share the file while communicating Checkmk.