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Livestatus queries over network

For SSH connection

ssh -t root@host ''su -site' "lq 'GET hosts\nColumns: name'"

For TLS connection

echo -e "GET hosts\nColumns: name\n"| openssl s_client -connect localhost:6999 -ign_eof -quiet 

For TLS connection with certificate verification

echo -e "GET hosts\nColumns: name\n\n" | openssl s_client  -CAfile /tmp/s1.pem -verify 3 -quiet -verify_hostname s1 -verify_return_error -connect localhost:6560 2>/dev/null

please replace /tmp/s1.pem with the site name and s1 with the name of the site

For Plain text

echo -e  "GET hosts\nColumns: name\n" | nc -q1 6999

telnet 6999