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This article helps you (and us) to gather all possible information for the Netapp Special Agent. A common scenario is that not all Qtrees are shown.


Logon to the Checkmk server and become siteuser
  1. cmk -D <netapp_host> | head -n 15     
    1. → this should display the whole special agent query including all arguments (similar to vSphere)
  2. copy that whole output 
  3. paste it and add the debug option to it like so: 
    1. /omd/sites/<site_name>/share/check_mk/agents/special/agent_netapp  --debug -xml -u 'user' -s 'password' 'IP or hostname' >> dump.txt 
  4. add the agent_netapp commandline (password stripped) and the dump.txt to your support ticket