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For using the agent bakery, you need permissions to 3 roles. If you enable only "Bake agents" and "Sign agents". You won't be able to use the bake or sign button.

This is because you need the additional role "Configuration of agent updates". With these four roles, you should be able to bake and sign the agent in the agent bakery.

Why we designed this like that:

Permission nameDescription
Manage Monitoring AgentsWith these permissions, you're able to see the available agents
Configuration of agent updatesThis permission allows full control of the automatic agent updates. But not to release the agents
Bake Agents and Sign AgentsBake and sign the new agents. With these permissions, you're able to release the agents

Originally, we thought that "Configuration of agent updates" is the default role for dealing with the agents. 

In the future, we might change this concept!

Attention: in 2.1 "Bake Agents and Sign Agents" becomes two options: "Bake agents" and "Sign agents" which must be set to "Yes" respectively!