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The configuration of bootloader and BIOS are standardized for all appliances. We take care of  the correct configuration before delivery of the appliance.
In general there is no need to change the bootloader or BIOS settings as a customer.
To ensure your appliances bootloader and BIOS settings are not changed by an unauthorized individual, we add password protection to them.

The password of the iDrac is random and can be configured in the Webconf:


You lost access to the Webconf and the physical console.


Support Ticket

If the remote console is available via iDrac, we as Checkmk can do a remote session with you and reset the password. Open a support ticket in this case.

Self Service

This will reset your appliance to factory defaults and you will lose all data! Make sure to have working backups before attempting this!

If you understood the warning above, you can reset your appliance by following the steps below.

  1. Take out both hard drives
  2. Format both drives (e.g. to NTFS)
  3. Attach both hard drives
  4. Start the appliance
  5. The appliance will be reinitialized and back to the delivery state
  6. Configure your appliance from scratch and restore backups if necessary

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