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  1. Enable SSH on the monitoring system (
  2. Create the  script

    1. on the Windows machine (Check that manual for SSH → Windows Monitoring over SSH)

      Code Block
      ECHO OFF
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\checkmk\service\check_mk_agent.exe" test > HostFile
      scp HostFile USER@CMKSERVER:/var/cmk/HOST

      1. Create a batch job to run the script automatically (

    2. on the Linux machine

      Code Block
      check_mk_agent | ssh USER@CMKSERVER "cat > /var/cmk/HOST"
      1. Create a cronjob to run the script automatically
  3. On the Checkmk Server we need to create a rule
    1. Setup → Agents → Other intergrations → Individual program call ...
    2. Command line to execute: cat /var/cmk/$HOSTNAME$