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First there is no requirement difference between the virtual and hardware appliance.

The needed resource are  based on the amount of services, active checks and types of hosts. If you have a lot of snmp hosts you will need more cpu cores for executing the walk.

The one and only overview we have is as you already found this page:

We always recommend customers to orientate on the specifications for the HW Appliance.

When importing the virtual appliance, we have some default values preconfigured. Please check out this page:

As this is a virtual machine, you can adjust these values at any time.


Required services to monitor

To configure the right resources, we recommend checking the following graphs:

  • Cpu
  • Memory
  • OMD <SITENAME> Performance
  • activate the "Core statistics" snapin
  • Check_MK 

Let's give you some example:

With this snapin you will be able to check the load of the fetcher and helper. At 70% we recommend increasing these values in the global settings. While you're increasing these values the CPU load and Memory consumption will grow.

That's why also recommend checking these graphs:

You will find here more information about the fetcher and checker architecture:

One information about the Checker: The checkers shouldn't be higher that your cpu cores!

Adjust the helper settings

In any case you need to adjust the helper settings, please be aware of these setting:

Setup → General → Global Settings → Monitoring Core →

  • Maximum concurrent active checks
    • increase the helper for the active checks
  • Maximum concurrent Checkmk fetchers
    • increase the helper for the Checkmk fetchers
  • Maximum concurrent Checkmk checkers
    • increase the helper for the Checkmk checkers

In a distributed monitoring setup it may be useful to have different values for the remote sites. You will find the guidance on how to do that here!

Required log files

Please see this manual to enable debug log of the helpers. The required settings are:

  • Core
  • Debugging of Checkmk helpers