1. It is now possible to cascade livestatus proxy configurations. This comes in handy to build cascaded distributed GUI (status GUI) setups.

The feature has been build for a scenario like this:

Step-by-step guide

Scenario: We have a slave which is monitoring some hosts. But this slave site is not directly reachable. Therefore, we need a so-called viewer Site. This viewer Site will get all data for our slave Site via the master Site

  1. Create a distributed Setup by following our manual
  2. Create one or more viewer sites. For this example I will create viewer1 and viewer2
  3. On the master:
    1. Go to the Master Site → WATO - CONFIGURATION and edit the connection slave
    2. Go to 'Use Livestatus Proxy Daemon' and enable 'Allow access via TCP '.
      • TCP port: Type in one free TCP port. In my example I use 6560
      • Restrict access to IP addresses: If you want to restrict, type in the addresses
      • Encrypt communication: Is not working at the moment. We have created an internal Ticket for that

  4. Create a new viewer Site
  5. Configuration of cascading Livestatus on Site viewer1
  6. Configuration of cascading Livestatus on Site viewer2

Summary: Now you're able to monitor all hosts from Site 'slave' via the Site 'master'!

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